“I’m Going To Show You Exactly How To “Mine” Facebook For The Biggest, Best And Most Profitable Leads!”

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If you want to get a large amount of prospects in a short amount of time, Facebook is one of your best options out there. No doubt about that!

Everyday, millions of people login into their Facebook accounts, making Facebook a virtual goldmine of information, getting better with every new user.

To put it mildly, Facebook is the Holy Grail for highly qualified and targeted leads!

The problem however…

Facebook’s search function is extremely weak and so it’s very hard to find and filter profitable leads. As a result a lot of people are skeptical about Facebook marketing even working. facebook-search-white

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You build a Fan Page and spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook Ads, just to see that people rarely engage with your posts?
  • Or… You decide you want to monetize your fan page and try to sell a T-shirt or promote a CPA offer, but realize no one is buying and you’ve basically wasted a lot of money?
  • Or even worse yet… People do engage with your fan page but the conversion rate is so abysmal there is no way you could break even?

“Are You CONFUSED With All Those Facebook Marketing Strategies Being Offered and YOU Don’t Know Which One Is Worth The Time of Day?”

Greg Writer



From: The Desk of Greg Writer
FB Best Leads – Guaranteed!

Dear friend,

My name is Greg Writer and I am an executive with over 31 years experience in corporate finance, software development and sales/marketing.   As a former investment banker and owner of multiple companies I am ALWAYS looking for the BEST ROI, on time, tool, team & strategies.

As I started to study Facebook marketing I realized just how much potential there was in this sea of potential customers.


There are so many ideas, strategies and tactics out there it become overwhelming.

So like I always do I started to study the various strategies and asked myself “what can I/we do that would give us the biggest bang for our buck”.

Just like a most marketers (I am assuming YOU too), I had no idea how what the best strategy was to leverage

Now That's A $150K Smile!

Now That’s A $150K Smile!

the huge potential there is on Facebook.

So after studying dozens of strategies, talking to all my guru friends I ended up coming up with ONE strategy that

is so powerful my son made $150,000 within a few weeks of using this strategy.

Clearly this was the best strategy for ROI we could conjure up!!

It’s Time Facebook Marketing Became Stopped
Being A Risky Gamble!

fb-lead-finder-3d-software-smallIntroducing FB Lead Finder

We ended up creating a software program to a make this strategy simple, fast and powerful!

And so simple YOUR 8 year old could do it!

A software which allows you to search through Facebook’s millions of fan pages for highly targeted “fan page owners” that WANT you to message them!

This truly is a game changer and should be a part of every Internet Marketers toolbox. 

The upside is limitless and it saves time, and time is money.

Clearly others had been making it way too hard…

This proven software helps you find Facebook’s best leads! Guaranteed!

“This Easy to Use Software Finds Facebook’s Biggest Fan Pages, With The Most Engagement (and THIS KEY) in Seconds!”

Here’s just a few of the features FB Lead Finder comes with:

Fan Page Search

Find Facebook’s Biggest fan pages
in seconds for any keyword

1 Click Quick Messaging

Easy one click to Private message fan page
owners for possible partnerships

Engagement Locator

Find which fan pages have
the most engagement

Export Results

Export results to send to your VA
to do your marketing for you

That’s Facebook Marketing on STEROIDS right there. And it’s so simple your 8 year old could run this software!

“But Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Here’s What
Others Have To Say About FB Lead Finder!”

We have a number of case studies where business owners using this amazing system made more than $1,000 a DAY by using this best ROI strategy. YES, that’s correct, by adding that up, this software has the potential of making you $30,000 within a MONTH!

“The non-spammy advantage”

FB Lead Finder is the non-spammy, unfair advantage you can start using 5 minutes from now to generate waves of leads, subscribers and followers using Facebook. Jim Cockrum, Voted #1 Most Trusted Internet Marketer by IMReport

“I’m luving FB LeadFinder!”

I’m finally able to instantly identify my target market and potential JV partners in any niche! It searches Facebook like a marketer and saves valuable time in the process. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to deploy their offer and kickstart their business on Facebook. Jerry Rocco, Director of Marketing 22Social

“FB Lead Finder, so simple to use”

I’ve never done Facebook marketing of any kind before. I only watched one training video and went right to work. After one week I already have my first customer which is going to generate an extra $1,200 a month in income. I love FB Lead Finder! Tristen Smith,

“FB Lead Finder doubled my audience”

After being on a radio show I used FB Lead Finder to find owners of targeted Fan Pages giving them a link to my episode and asked to share it. With just two of them agreeing to do so I was able to almost double my listening audience with only 5 minutes of work. Now, that’s a powerful tool! Tara R. Alemany, Author, Speaker and owner of Aleweb Social Marketing

“As We Discussed How To Price This Software We All Agreed That It Is Worth At Least $497, Considering Just One Client Could Pay For The Software, And YOU Could Make That Within 24 Hours Of Using The Software.”

But That’s Not All!!

When you invest in our software you will have instant access to our “Lead Finder Training Videos”, “Facebook Bootcamp Basic Training”, “21 Ideas Blueprint To Be A Social Media Superstar” and a BONUS video training course on 22 Social Facebook app.

This is everything YOU need to get started pulling Facebook’s best leads and it’s all included for FREE!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Software Tool Training

    I have created a number of short simple videos showing YOU exactly how to use the software to YOUR benefit.

  • Facebook Video Introduction Course

    In this course there are 12 separate videos to give you a great foundation for Facebook marketing.

  • 21 Ideas Blueprint To Be A Social Media Superstar

    My PERSONAL Posting To Facebook Walls & Private Messaging Strategies, which will give YOU exactly what YOU need to start accomplishing YOUR goals right away, and hit that $1,000/day goal!

  • BONUS: 22 Social Academy

    We use another tool on Facebook and we have 20 videos that show you the ins & outs to using their tool and combine with our is a great strategy!

Now if we add everything up, the price for the software & training would be $997. And that would be a fair price. In fact, that would still be LESS than what my friends in the industry told me to price this at.

But don’t worry. I’m not going to ask $997 for this amazing piece of software.

Not even half of that.

Not even a quarter of it.

“Please Watch These Case Studies Where People Just LIKE YOU Have Made Over $1,000 Per DAY
Using These Strategies”

Claim YOUR Copy of our Amazing Software and Training, for a LIMITED TIME we are only asking: $97

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I’m Willing To Take All The Risk!

Give the software a try and if for any reason YOU are not 100% satisfied just let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment and let you keep the “21 Ideas Blueprint To Be A Social Media Superstar” as our gift for giving it a try.

Look, I’m giving you 30 days. That’s more than enough to test the software, go through the training and still have time to fool around. In fact, if you go a little bit fast and start applying all that I am teaching, you can easily make money within those 30 days.

If you give the amazing software a try and decide it’s not something that can benefit YOU I personally will refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

This Price Will Not Last Long!

I’m offering this amazing deal for a limited time. That’s it! Afterwards you won’t be able to get the software and all the valuable training at this low a price.

You know you want this. There’s proof this works, just look at what others have to say. You won’t regret it. And if you don’t like it, I’ll refund you

On the other hand, if you don’t buy FB Lead Finder, things will stay the same. You’ll still jump from product to product, looking for a way to make money with Facebook, but without success.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get this now, so you don’t regret it later when it’s more expensive. Or even off the market completely.

FB Lead Finder and gain access to:

  • Find Facebook’s Biggest fan pages
  • Find fan pages have the most engagement
  • Private message fan page owners for possible partnerships
  • Export results

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Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the software and all the amazing training!


Greg Writer